Umecit – University in Panama

“Your Vote, Your Choice” Campaign: four Panamanian universities lead a transformative youth empowerment initiative

With the aim of empowering Panamanian youth and strengthening their participation in the 2024 general elections, a group of private universities in Panama create the campaign “Your Vote, Your Choice.” 

This innovative initiative seeks, through various discussions, to address crucial topics such as economic development, education, infrastructure, environment, citizen security and transparency, among others. 

The participating universities are: Technological University -OTEIMA-; the University of the Isthmus; the Metropolitan University of Education, Science and Technology -UMECIT and ISAE University.

With an approach adapted to the realities of the country, it seeks not only to encourage electoral participation among young people but also to provide a comprehensive platform for the understanding and discussion of crucial issues.

In the upcoming 2024 elections, it is estimated that 374,918 young Panamanians will vote for the first time, playing a crucial role in the country's destiny. The demographic group of voters between 18 and 40 years old constitutes almost 40% of the electoral population in Panama. 

Voters under 35 years old represent 35% of the total population, highlighting the importance of the Young Vote as a determining factor in the May 2024 elections. The active participation of this generation is emerging as a key element that will shape the political future of our country.

“Your Vote, Your Choice” It is based on principles of freedom of the press, transparency and access to information. Through independent media, we seek to provide impartial information, providing young people with clear information about candidates, proposals and electoral processes.

Key Campaign Actions:

  • Voting Awareness:
    1. Increasing awareness of the importance of voting among young people.
    2. Facilitation of registration to vote through clear and accessible information.
  • Voter Education:
    1. Provide detailed information about the voting process and the recognition of electoral rolls.
    2. Develop young people's capacity to evaluate candidates through virtual debates, educational talks and personalized information materials.
  • Connection with Candidates:
    1. Facilitate access to detailed information about candidates and their proposals.
    2. Encourage participation through virtual conversations between young people and candidates.

Through the digital platforms of the allied universities, the dates and times of the conversations will be disclosed, which will be held virtually as well as in person, guaranteeing accessibility so that students and youth in general actively participate, express their opinions and ask questions to experts and representatives of the campaign.

The participating universities lead this campaign as part of their social commitment and civic responsibility, recognizing the importance of education and the active participation of youth in the democratic process.

The “Your Vote, Your Choice” Campaign extends a cordial invitation to all young people to join these conversations. Your active participation will be essential to enrich the dialogue and contribute to the development of significant ideas and proposals.