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University Welfare

Human and Motivational Development

UMECIT is an entity that constantly evolves hand in hand with new technologies. Thus, it is the technological updates and the linkage of the governing body that govern the high performance in relation to the student experience and the teaching staff. Due to the training of all the staff so that they are up to date with the advances in virtual programs, and moreover the current proposals for teleworking, cutting-edge training, and continuous communication with their graduates, the desired university integration is achieved.

Likewise, the action plans are a constant search in conjunction with all the instances of the University, to contribute to having an organizational climate that enhances and improves the quality of life of all; This is complemented by the spaces provided by the university campus in order to celebrate and commemorate activities of common interest. These actions that create favorable conditions at personal and work levels, contribute to the provision of a better service, team and collaborative work, development of the bond between colleagues, solidarity, cordiality, sense of belonging, among others that positively affect productivity, innovation, development of critical thinking required to continue generating disruptive and relevant projects inside and outside the institution.

Teacher training and qualification

Training and qualification of administrative personnel

Training Workshops for Students and Graduates

University Welfare


The University Wellness Program is an academic support unit whose main objective is to improve the quality of life of the entire UMECIT community.