Umecit – University in Panama

Bachelor's Degree
Faculty of
Health Sciences

We train future health professionals who provide effective and safe solutions. Meet our degrees.

The Metropolitan University of Education, Science and Technology, from the Faculty of Health Sciences, the training of professionals who respond to scenarios of administrative management, teaching, research and care work is proposed, with the aim of promoting the development of skills through academic spaces and the exercise of practices aimed at achieving the transfer of the cognitive component to the labor field of each one of the disciplines that are offered in the faculty. The coordination and academic development of the Bachelor's programs in: Medical Records and Health Statistics; Education for Health, with emphasis on Health Promotion; Physiotherapy; General Psychology and Occupational Safety and Health, is due to the link between the UMECIT educational model and the factors of teaching, research and extension that are the basis of the curricular scope of the health disciplines.

The Faculty of Health Sciences has one of the highest employability levels. Aspects such as flexibility in the modalities of study, variety of alliances with the main entities of the health sector, highly qualified and qualified teachers with extensive experience in their field of action and physical spaces such as the specialized Physiotherapy center and the simulation laboratory, make of the Faculty a means to train professionals who are supportive and committed to the health sector.

Additionally, the Faculty has the research and innovation SALUTA Journal, a medium in which readers and students can find articles and essays related to branches related to Health Sciences. Similarly, the Faculty guarantees compliance with research protocols in human beings through its Bioethics Committee.

For all of the above, the Faculty seeks to train supportive and committed professionals, with high human sensitivity and entrepreneurship.

The academic programs attached to the Faculty are: Medical Records and Health Statistics; Health Education, with emphasis on Health Promotion; Physiotherapy; General Psychology; and Occupational Safety and Health, which are innovative, relevant and updated to the demands of society.