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The Postgraduate Programs at UMECIT in Panama strengthen the knowledge and experience of professionals. We have Postgraduate and Master's Degrees of the highest labor demand. Approved nationally and regionally.

The Metropolitan University of Education, Science and Technology offers through various Specialization, Master's Degree and Doctorate programs, duly approved, academic spaces for the development of knowledge and the training of skills and professional experience in various areas of knowledge, in accordance with the demands of the region and the world.

The Postgraduate, Masters and Doctorate Coordinations are responsible for directing, coordinating and supervising the marketing, research, extension and teaching activities of the postgraduate educational programs at the University, under the leadership of the Research and Postgraduate Department.

The programs are developed from curricular contents that respond to the demands of the current labor market and the rapid changes in the world, with the support of a highly qualified national and international faculty.

In the same way, there are state-of-the-art technological platforms, which develop curricular contents for the transfer of knowledge. These academic tools seek to promote the self-management of knowledge and the development of skills based on knowing, doing, being and living together.

The curricular designs of the Postgraduate level careers are oriented to the development of professional competences where the academic is articulated with the generation of knowledge based on innovation, methodological freedom, flexibility and educational quality.

Consequently, the development of scientific capacities, the generation of academic-investigative products, the dissemination and transfer of knowledge, as well as the development of research that feeds the lines of institutional research, as guiding axes of scientific production, are encouraged. with the interests of the university, the country and the world.

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