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It is the entity responsible for coordinating the generation of new knowledge and contributions to the solution of problems in the intra- and extra-university environment. Its function is advisory, planning, coordination, and development of scientific products from institutional research groups. To achieve these goals, the Research Center will operate based on the multi- and transdisciplinary understanding of the meaning of intellectual work.

At the forefront of academic and technical supportunique, the Science and Technology Unit -UCYT- stands as an essential pillar in the path of researchers who seek excellence in their projects. Committed to promoting quality research, we offer a range of services designed to overcome the challenges inherent to the scientific process.

The UCYT, as an appendix of the Research and Innovation Center, operates with qualified specialists and technicians to offer you solid support in your research journey. Join us and take the next step towards academic and scientific success.

Our Commitment:

In the demanding world of research, we know that methodological soundness and expert use of tools are crucial. The UCYT is committed to providing the necessary support to guarantee that your research reaches optimal levels of depth, coherence and adequate methodological development, in the following aspects:


Data processing: We provide advice on the processing of statistical and qualitative data, using cutting-edge technological tools and software.

Methodological Guidance: We specialize in guiding researchers on methodological aspects, ensuring that sample calculations align with the specificities of each investigation.

Instrument Design: We offer advice for the definition of techniques and construction of data collection instruments, guaranteeing correspondence with the categorization and/or operationalization processes of study variables.

Reliability and Validation: We provide advice for the calculation of reliability/reliability and validation of instruments, ensuring the robustness of your results.

Generation of scientific products: We offer technical advice and review for the generation of scientific products derived from research, with the potential for publication.

Samples: We provide guidance in calculating samples, ensuring the necessary representativeness for your research.

Scientific writing advice: We support the writing of scientific articles, book chapters and other derivatives, so that your research reaches the audience it deserves.

For more information contact email ucyt@umecit.edu.pa


Mag. Abilio Moreno

Research Center Coordinator


Eusebio A. Morales street, in front of the Martin Fierro Restaurant