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19 years growing with Panama

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Universidad en Panamá
Todo lo que necesitas saber acerca de nuestro calendario de Graduación

Everything you need to know about our Graduation calendar

UMECIT - University of Panama

Graduation Schedule

Year 2022
Te invitamos a conocer nuestra oferta educativa de Postgrado que te ayudará a seguir creciendo profesionalmente.

We invite you to learn about our Postgraduate educational offer that will help you continue to grow professionally.

UMECIT - University of Panama

Have you decided on a Master's degree yet?

Postgraduate offer

Every day the market requires more qualified professionals who generate value in their position or in their company and the most effective way to continue growing professionally and personally is by updating their knowledge, which is why we seek to provide you with the necessary tools. to strengthen your skills.

Te invitamos a conocer nuestra oferta educativa de Pregrado y Grado que te ayudará a crecer y alcanzar tus metas.

We invite you to learn about our undergraduate and bachelor's degree programs that will help you grow and achieve your goals.

UMECIT - University of Panama

Get to know the most complete offer of Bachelor's Degrees in the Country

Undergraduate and Bachelor's Degree Programs

Umecit offers you the program designed so that your professional development is full and successful. Get to know our academic offer and enroll in the face-to-face blended and virtual modalities, we are where you are.

Universidad en Panamá

is Everyone's Task

Committed to creating a better society, the development and growth of the country and an equal education...
UMECIT - University without Frontiers

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