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Our Authorities

The UMECIT work and planning team has highly qualified professionals with the highest standards in education and recognition at the national and regional level.

Jose Alberto Nieto Rojas


As Rector of the Metropolitan University of Education, Science and Technology, located in the Republic of Panama, I give you the warmest welcome to this House of Higher Studies.

UMECIT was created by Executive Decree No. 575 of July 21, 2004 and duly accredited by Resolution No. 15 of October 31, 2012 by the National Council for University Evaluation and Accreditation of Panama.

In addition On December 15, 2022, it officially received its highest Institutional Reaccreditation qualification, for 6 more years.

Our Careers are duly approved and registered by the Technical Commission for Academic Development as regulated by Law 52 of June 26, 2015.

Since 2014, the ISO 9001 – 2015 certification has been obtained, where all processes are verified according to quality standards.

Through agreements, the University has ventured into other countries obtaining high recognition and prestige.

One of its main orientations is directed to the research field and to pedagogical and curricular innovation through new technologies that help students to achieve their objectives through face-to-face, semi-face-to-face and virtual plans, attending to cultural diversity through regional endogenous development based on a Neo Cyberhumanist pedagogical model.

I wish you an excellent experience within our university and that you achieve your dreams and goals.

Claudia Marcela Rueda Ossa

General Vice-Rectory

Maria Piedad Nieto Rojas

Administrative Vice-Rectory

Britannia Montenegro Bonilla

General Secretary

Juan David
grandson wheel

of control

grandson wheel

Vice Chancellor of Institutional Projects
Vicerrectoría Académica

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