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Keep in mind the following recommendations so that you allow us to be more efficient in the care you deserve. We have divided the processes into 6 to make your selection of what you require easier. Read carefully and select the correct one.

  • Administrative Processes- Refers to everything that is certifications, records, letters or others that you require.
  • Academic Processes- Refers to validation, grade claim, revalidation requests, change of modality, readmission, change of venues, tutors or others.
  • Grade Processes- Everything related to grade route information, costs, dates, calendars or others.
  • Platform Processes- Refers to Cibersity, passwords, access, language center, others that we have available.
  • Enrollment processes- Refers to the start date of classes, self-enrollment advice, payment arrangements, readmission, partial or total withdrawal, among others.
  • Administrative processes- Refers to notification of monthly installments, balance inquiries, means of payment, returns, and account payment registration validations.