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Entrepreneurship has currently become one of the foundations that support the socioeconomic development of a country, where the entrepreneur seeks to generate its own economic profitability, from the need that drives the paradigm shift focused on ceasing to be an employee to become a potential employer with a view to the growth of their own business idea, where leadership skills, accompanied by the development of new ideas and creating connections either for a cause, a product, or ideas make you a successful being.

Currently, the high levels of unemployment worldwide, and therefore, in Panama, have led the population to formulate entrepreneurship, development and innovation projects, which originate from a viable and sustainable idea over time, and which, accompanied by new technologies allow you to achieve your goal through previously acquired experiences. To this end, entrepreneurs must have tools that allow them to develop that business idea under the conviction of a life project.

The Projects contemplated in the Entrepreneurship Subprogram are:

Set of training actions leading to the development of competencies (Knowledge, abilities, skills, values) for the undertaking of business ideas, contemplated from its formulation phase to its implementation and evaluation.

It is a space of a practical order that encourages experiential learning in the participants and the transfer of knowledge about entrepreneurship skills, creativity and business innovation, to massify business ideas, turning them into goods or services.

It is conceived as the linking of various entrepreneurs with consolidated or consolidating business plans, for the exchange of experiences and ideas that can contribute to the development of new production opportunities according to their interests or market needs.

Mag. Shanida Welch

Entrepreneurship Coordinator


Eusebio A. Morales street, in front of the Martin Fierro Restaurant


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Directorate Extension Entrepreneurship