Umecit – University in Panama

Bachelor's Degree
Faculty of
Humanities and Educational Sciences

The UMECIT Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences prepares highly qualified professionals to face new social and educational challenges.

The Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences, in response to the demand for service to society, contemplates attention to diversity and educational inclusion.

From this perspective, the Faculty of Humanities and Educational Sciences provides a substantial contribution to human development at a national, regional and international level, to the extent that man relates and develops in the social context to which he belongs. Currently the faculty houses the Physical Education and Personal Training programs; Preschool education; Social Work and Development and English.

Our careers have intermediate exits in technicians, which allow the graduate to acquire experience through professional practices before the bachelor's degree. The foregoing to integrate both instruction and education in a single process, in order to favor the development and application of content, contributing to the student's resume a plus in terms of experience in the labor field.

In this sense, we have spaces such as our own school (IBI) for the Preschool Education area, a language center for the English area and sports facilities (indoor gym and soccer field with natural grass), agreements and strategic alliances with gyms and fitness rooms for the Physical Education area.

The national and international strategic alliances allow the Academic, Cultural Investigative and/or Sports mobility of students in these areas, allowing the exchange of knowledge and cultures as part of the process of inter-institutional educational cooperation. Additionally, the Faculty headquarters has accessibility and parking spaces, in an open, pleasant and welcoming environment with extensive facilities.

Students can choose the careers offered by the faculty based on the diversity of subjects that offer a wealth of knowledge through the development of different study plans that allow them to link with the professional environment in each of the different areas that make up the faculty. – The professionals graduated from the faculty will have the skills to function in the labor field of the different productive sectors of the country or start their own companies.