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UMECIT Language Center

The Language Center seeks to promote the development of communication skills for the effective mastery of the first language and foreign languages within the cyber-humanist framework that governs the educational work of UMECIT. That is why its development is carried out through two areas: academic and extension.

In the first, he coordinates the Spanish and English subjects within the study plans of the careers offered by the university and, in the second, he offers the Panamanian and international community the opportunity to learn or improve their command of Spanish and other languages. , in such a way that an appropriate level of communication is ensured to satisfy their personal and work needs.

For this reason, the UMECIT-DEXWAY language learning platform has been implemented with an innovative approach, in which each participant has the opportunity to develop their learning individually (at the level according to their language proficiency, with flexibility of 24/7 access, without being tied to a group and with the monitoring of your performance by a tutor who advises you how to improve it) and with authentic multimedia content that shows you how to use the language in real and meaningful situations, following the instructions guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (currently the most widely used international standard to describe language proficiency).

Maria Sanchez Patino



Founders Headquarters A: Via Simon Bolivar, Transistmica.





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