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UMECIT FC is a Sports Club with legal status recognized by Pandeportes and endorsed by FEPAFUT since 2020. The project was born at the initiative of UMECIT since 2008, as a university soccer team, with the aim of providing young athletes access to higher education, through the development and implementation of high performance sports scholarships. After its integration as the UMECIT FC Soccer Club, it competes, with its senior team, in the LIGA PROM, the second professional soccer division of Panama. 

Important data:

1 Soccer school for children from 5 years old

8 Soccer subcategories

14 Vulnerable Community

50 Children and young people with scholarships at the soccer school

400 Boys, girls and young people positively impacted by sport

# Scholarships assigned for sports performance

# UMECIT graduate footballers

The values, principles and institutional Cyberhumanist project of UMECIT are reflected daily in the UMECIT FC project that seeks to be the model organization in sports, social and professional training of high performance athletes. This important and close cooperation in favor of sport and national athletes is possible thanks to the academic offer and infrastructure that UMECIT provides and we can see it reflected in 4 key links:

1. Sports and Physical Well-being:

The UMECIT physiotherapy laboratory offers a space for the management and prevention of injuries through sports therapy, assigns practitioners in the field during training and maintains the clinical history of each professional team player.

2. Academic and Research:

UMECIT offers high-performance athletes access to higher education scholarships, facilitates the development of scientific research in sports, and implements international sports cooperation agreements. For its part, UMECIT FC is a platform where students have the opportunity to do professional internships in areas such as communication, audiovisual production, graphic design, teaching, etc.

3. Psychosocial:

The UMECIT psychology office performs psychological tests on the players of the professional team and develops group workshop programs and individual psychological care.

4. University Community:

UMECIT promotes a culture of health and sports in the university community through the active participation of administrators, teachers and students in professional competition tournaments and is kept informed through its media (university radio programs, social networks, etc.) .

UMECIT - Panama University

Affiliated Centers

  • Centro de Formación Marítima
  • Instituto Bilingüe Internacional de Panamá
  • Instituto Superior Politécnico de América
  • UMECIT F.C. Panamá
  • Centro de Idiomas