Umecit – University in Panama



Basic requirements for the scholarship application:

1. Scholarship for first-year high school graduates for academic, cultural, and sports merits.

2. Scholarship for academic performance.

3. Institutional loyalty scholarship for UMECIT graduates.

4. Scholarship for sports performance.

5. Scholarship for contributions to cultural and scientific development within the university.

6. Scholarship for family group.

7. Scholarship for UMECIT staff.

8. Percentage scholarship by agreement with other institutions.

9. Miss UMECIT Scholarship.

10. Scholarship for vulnerable populations.

11. Scholarship for people with disabilities.

12. Scholarship for socio-economic status.

13. Special scholarship by assignment of the Rector's Office.

Financing and Scholarships

Schedule to apply for scholarships, financial aid, and discounts

I Quarter 2023
17 Feb

Scholarship Application

  • 7:00 am

National Scholarship Application Period
January 30 to February 17

24 Feb

Scholarship Committee Meeting

  • 7:00 am

February 20 to 24

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