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Inclusive Education

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Inclusive Education Program

UMECIT's Inclusive Education Program is an initiative of the Metropolitan University of Education, Science and Technology (UMECIT) to promote educational inclusion at all levels of education. The program aims to ensure that all people have equal opportunities to access quality education, regardless of their abilities, gender, ethnicity or any other characteristic that may be discriminatory.


The program is designed to provide teachers with the tools and strategies necessary to develop an inclusive approach in their teaching and pedagogical practice. It also focuses on empowering students to become more aware of the importance of inclusion and to actively participate in creating a more inclusive educational environment.


In conclusion, UMECIT's Inclusive Education Program is a valuable initiative to promote equal opportunities in education and ensure that all students have access to quality education.

The focus on the quality of education is essential to guarantee that academic products comply with the NeoCyberhumanist Curricular Educational Model, regardless of who the final recipients are. This ensures that all students have access to a high quality education.

Discrimination must be eradicated, and any act that impedes the constitutional right of people considered in prioritized groups to be an active part of communities they wish to join must be denounced and eliminated.

The prioritized groups are those who are at greater risk of exclusion from the educational system due to their social, religious, socioeconomic, legal, nationality, indigenous group, gender, sexual orientation, political orientation and disability.

Inclusion is crucial to ensure that all people are valued and recognized for their diversity and differences. This allows for the enrichment of society as a whole.

The relevance of the program lies in constantly reflecting on best practices for the inclusion of the prioritized groups. This ensures that the program remains relevant and effective in its goal of achieving inclusive and quality education.

Students with Disabilities

UMECIT promotes inclusive education based on equality and equity, as a commitment of all, this is reflected in the Inclusive Education Program, where students with special needs are declared among the prioritized groups.

Physical Accessibility

The Universidad Metropolitana de Educación, Ciencia y Tecnología (UMECIT) maintains a continuous monitoring system that allows it to adapt its facilities in accordance with the accessibility regulations contained in Panamanian legislation and international accessibility standards.

Technical and Academic Support

In order to provide the support, accompaniment, guidance and timely attention that students with disabilities require, UMECIT in conjunction with all areas. 

From the moment the student enrolls in the institution, it is important that he/she notifies his/her disability in order to guarantee all the support and assistance required for the development of his/her university activities.

Once the student is formally admitted, he/she must present him/herself to the University Welfare Department to notify his/her condition and the technical support required, so that the necessary time is available to make the corresponding links with the career coordinations.

Services offered by the institution from the University Welfare and Extension Office:

Disability Declaration Form

The form must be filled out by first-time students who present a disability, as well as by students who acquire the disability while already at UMECIT. It is important that the disability be declared in order to be able to support them and provide them with the technical aids they may require, so that the completion of their studies can be guaranteed.

It is important that before the enrollment formalization process, the student fills out the form and follows the instructions of the Marketing Promoter. For those who are regular students, that is, regular semesters, you must deliver directly to University Well-being.

Download the UMECIT Disability Declaration Form

Who should fill out the disability form?

The disability certification granted by the National Secretariat for Disability (SENADIS), is an administrative process, which certifies a person who has a disability. The parameters and guidelines for this process were established by Executive Decree No. 36 of April 11, 2014.

This certification grants the disabled person the right to the benefits granted by Law No. 134 of December 31, 2013. It can be requested by all Panamanians and foreigners legally established in the Republic of Panama.

The forms and requirements to obtain the certification can be found on the SENADIS website, www.senadis.gob.pa