Umecit – University in Panama

Bachelor's Degree
Faculty of
Nautical Sciences

At the Faculty of Nautical Sciences we train great professionals in the areas of logistics, maritime and port.

The Faculty of Nautical Sciences of the Metropolitan University of Education, Science and Technology -UMECIT-, addresses professional training in the areas of logistics, maritime and port. The academic programs attached to the Faculty are: Bachelor's Degree in Maritime and Port Administration and Bachelor's Degree in Logistics and Multimodal Transport.

Within the educational spaces offered by the Faculty, there is a specialized maritime laboratory to apply procedures in emergency situations that may arise on board, through maritime communications systems and subsystems, which allows a greater knowledge of compliance with the rules of the International Regulations to prevent collisions at sea.

Similarly, the Maritime Training Center, recognized by the Panama Maritime Authority, offers a series of training courses that allow immediate responses to the needs of the maritime sector through the comprehensive development of not only technical skills, but also values. ethics essential for their development in society.

Students can choose the careers offered by the Faculty of Nautical Sciences for the diversity of knowledge and tools that allow strengthening the direct relationship with the world of maritime and port exchange, its laws, regulations and fundamental management for local, national and international trade. international.

University professors within the Faculty have approached their competitive activities in an intensely changing context represented, mainly, by great scientific, technological, pedagogical and communication progress, which together with their work experience makes them the main strengths of the Faculty and its link with maritime knowledge.

Finally, the Faculty has various agreements with different institutions linked to the maritime and logistics conglomerate, where the vast majority of students are linked after completing their professional practice.