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New students at the Metropolitan University of Education, Science and Technology - UMECIT, have multiple forms of assistance to start their welcome in the best way. Not only do they have at their disposal meetings to strengthen their relationships with university staff, or a space designed for specific counseling, but they also have the possibility of accessing a process of academic leveling in basic areas according to the needs identified by a faculty coordinator. A point in favor is the non-exclusion of students who wish to rejoin the UMECIT student body. They can continue their studies with the support of a strategic and financial strategy development around their reincorporation to the university.

Similarly, UMECIT invites all students to participate in various activities, whether academic, research, cultural or artistic. Therefore, the presence of the Umecit Leader or Monitor is highlighted; a student who wishes to provide a communication bridge between peers and faculty, achieving a better development of the collective achievements of the University and its students. All of the above is governed by the Umecit Spirit, a program that seeks to strengthen the identity, belonging and institutional mystique.

The assistance to the new admission is designed to provide accompaniment and orientation to the new student of the institution. It is sought that the student recognizes the services, the offer, the benefits, among other aspects that promote equal study opportunities within the UMECIT.

Academic Program


Development of welcome meetings for academic periods, to strengthen relationships with university personnel.

All new entries will be invited at least 48 hours before the date established within the institution, according to each level and modality.

Academic Program

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    The University Wellness Program is an academic support unit whose main objective is to improve the quality of life of the entire UMECIT community.