Umecit – University in Panama

Bachelor's Degree
Faculty of
Law and Forensic Sciences

The Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of UMECIT has a comprehensive training for a high labor competence.

The Faculty of Law and Political Sciences from the Metropolitan University of Education, Science and Technology, focuses its interest on the development of basic and specific competencies essential for professional performance, from the premises of the cyber-humanist model that represents the educational reality of the institution.

Hence, the Academic Coordination of the Faculty of Law and Forensic Sciences of this house of studies is the instance in charge of the curricular administration of the Degree programs in Law and Political Sciences; and Bachelor's Degree in Criminalistics and Forensic Sciences. Both programs offered have successful professionals in their field of work, with specific experience in their area of knowledge and with the fundamental specialty provided by University professors.

Similarly, law and criminology students have a trial room for the practical development of hearings and other activities compatible with this space.

This room, in turn, supports the activity of simulations in hearings, acting as experts. Therefore, the physical space and the study plan are designed for students to carry out practical and field activities with which they know the professional reality.

In addition to the above, the Bachelor's Degree in Criminalistics and Forensic Sciences is the first degree offered of this type in Panama. The fact of being foundational in the country has allowed it to have access to various laboratories, which offer the opportunity to strengthen learning in consistent matters, such as the recreation of a punishable act and the processing of said place to the facts.

Our Faculty, both in law and criminalistics, has managed to graduate professionals with a high professional profile and a human sense, which includes deputies, general directors of public bodies, partners of recognized law firms and different heads of sections in the Institute of Legal Medicine. and Forensic Sciences.