Umecit – University in Panama

UMECIT strengthens the connection with the environment through the Extension Directorate

In an effort to strengthen the connection of the Metropolitan University of Education, Science and Technology -UMECIT- with the community and enhance the articulated work between teachers, students and administrators, a training was carried out in the Megamall building. This training, which brought together 21 teachers, aimed to explain the function of the Extension Directorate and the significant impact it has when linked to academic activities.

During the training, it was highlighted how university extension enriches students' learning by providing them with opportunities to apply their theoretical knowledge in practical and real contexts. This articulation with academics not only reinforces knowledge, but also enriches the educational experience of students, allowing them to develop comprehensively.

Participating in outreach projects helps students develop crucial soft skills such as teamwork, effective communication, project management and leadership. These projects not only complement their academic training, but also prepare students to face challenges in their professional lives.

Furthermore, the connection with society through university extension allows UMECIT to identify and respond to the needs of the local environment, strengthening its social role and its relevance in the community. The University, by connecting effectively with society, positions itself as an agent of positive change, contributing to the development and well-being of the community that surrounds it.

The session was led by Magister Yelitza González, Extension Director of UMECIT, who was accompanied by the Graduate Coordinator, Itzel González, and the Entrepreneurship Coordinator, Tharelys Landecho. The organization of the event was in charge of the Megamall Building Coordinator, Magister Yamileth González.

This training demonstrated UMECIT's commitment to academic excellence and its mission to positively impact society. These types of initiatives are essential to continue developing quality education, which not only trains competent professionals, but also citizens committed to the development of their environment.

UMECIT will continue working on the integration of extension with academics, promoting projects that benefit both students and the community, and reaffirming its commitment to comprehensive education and social responsibility.