Umecit – University in Panama

Our conference and exhibition “Visual Creation: Celebrating Graphic Designer Day” was a resounding success.

Our conference and exhibition “Visual Creation: Celebrating Graphic Designer Day” was a resounding success. 

This event was held on Saturday, April 27, with the students of the Saturday shift of the Bachelor of Graphic Design. 

The renowned photographer Aris Martínez, who is currently the editor and photography coordinator of the newspaper El Siglo, attended as speakers for this event. In addition, he is a graphic correspondent for the Reuters International News Agency in Panama and participated in “reality” photography for MEDCOM Digital. Aris was also the 2021 winner of the UNICEF Best Photography award. 

Another of our exhibitors was Alejandro Shoy, who is a 33-year-old Panamanian editor and graphic post-producer with 10 years of experience in the field of professional, advertising, television and digital editing and post-production. It specializes in creating graphic packaging for television channels and programs (graphic lines).

We were also accompanied by graphic artist Jean Pier Barría with 15 years of experience in editorial drawing. He has worked at Grupo Editorial Panamá América, Grupo Editorial La Estrella and El Siglo de Panamá. He specializes in portraits and illustrations and the caricaturist and infographicist Esdras James who for 18 years has dedicated himself to working for various media and NGOs such as Anchur Onu and government institutions such as the Mayor's Office of Panama, the Presidency of the Republic, local companies and multinationals. 

To culminate this event, special recognition was given to Professor Jim Coronado, for their dedication, passion for teaching the art of design and commitment to the academic and professional growth of their students. 

The students were able to interact with these design, production and photography professionals while having fun. 

It was a day full of inspiration, learning and networking. We hope to continue fostering the growth and passion for graphic design at future events.