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Petitions, Complaints, Claims, Suggestions, and Compliments

For the Metropolitan University of Education, Science and Technology - UMECIT - the most important thing is customer service, as a result, we offer you the following form that you can use to send us your Requests, Complaints, Claims, Suggestions and Compliments regarding any type of academic or administrative service.

What is a PCCSC System?

It is a system that allows knowing the different perceptions, requests, concerns and even congratulations that our interest groups have about the services offered by UMECIT.

The process is based on the fact that we can know these comments in real time and process them in a timely manner, in order, among other things, to monitor the quality of our services and recognize the value that our stakeholders and their concerns deserve.


Now, clearly identify what type of request you want to make


It is the suggestion of an idea, proposal, or advice offered by a user with the purpose of improving a process.


It is the It is an expression of joy, satisfaction that a user feels for the good service received and decides to express it to the UMECIT.


It is a declaration to which any person who has been affected or violated by a service is entitled, claiming that they claim or solve their affectation.


It is the manifestation of disagreement, protest, dissatisfaction, censorship or discontent of a person for the way in which a service was provided or the absence of it and / or an event in general.

Petition and/or Request

It is a request submitted in order to learn more about a process or request information on a matter of particular interest, related to the University.

Requests are placed in the following link Petition and/or Request

PQRSF system

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